Being Left Handed

Tips for Being Left Handed

Below is an article I submitted to Ezine Articles about Tips for Being Left Handed. These 5 facts should encourage you or yours to embrace your southpaw abilities and share them with the world. Us lefties have gifts that right handed people cannot claim.

Being left handed is a privilege. Lefties have a gift that only 10 percent of the global population have! While I consider being left handed special, I must admit that it does come with some challenges. Here are 5 helpful tips to make your journey as a southpaw through this world a little easier.

1. A lefties brain works different from a right handed brain. We use the right side of our brain to process things which means we are more creative. It is predicted that the future job outlook will weigh more heavily on creative and imaginative people. Good for us.

2. Left handed athletes also have very rewarding careers. Right handers get very frustrated when dealing with southpaws which can be used to our advantage. If sports is your thing, make sure your coach knows you are a lefty.

3. Five of the last eight U.S. Presidents have been left handed including President Obama. That makes 18% of our presidents lefties. So if you dream of being a future president, maybe it can be a reality.

My website has many other interesting tidbits about being a lefty. Browse around and you may learn something new about yourself.

4. Ben Franklin, Bill Gates and Leonardo Di Vinci are all southpaw inventors. Electricity, Microsoft and future airplane designs can be contributed to these men as well as many other things. You too can contribute something great to society.

5. It has been researched that lefties may have an edge when it comes to wealth. This could be because of the 4 tips above just listed or because of other special characteristics we contain.

Whatever doubts or concerns you may have for being a lefty should now be thrown out. Being left handed is a gift from God and should be treated as such. Article Source:

So you see, being left handed is kinda cool. These tips about being left handed are just a handful of reasons why you should be happy to be in your right mind. If you have any other brilliant right minded thoughts drop me a line.

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