Being Left Handed

Positive Reasons For Being Left Handed

Back in 2009 I submitted an article to Ezine Articles that has become one of the most popular articles for being left handed on their article collection site. There have been so many views and comments that I decided to share the article in its entirety on my website. Here is the article entitled "Seven Positive Reasons for Being Left Handed";

Left handed facts tend to be comical or negative in nature. These seven positive facts will not only make you smile, but should make you proud of being left handed.

1. When at school or any activity that you're asked if you're lefty don't be embarrassed, but feel privileged because you will usually get one-on-one attention (that's a good thing).

2. Time Magazine's Person of the Century Albert Einstein was a left hander. His contributions to science and technology were without question, important advances for mankind. Throw his name out if someone's making fun of us lefties.

3. If you're a southpaw baseball player then when you bat and complete your swing you are already facing first base and thus have a head start over right handers. A left handed pitcher can keep an eye on first base during his wind-up and keep a runner from stealing second. A first basemen who is a lefty can cover a large amount of the field with their glove on the right hand and they also have an advantage when throwing to second base for a double play.

4. Some of the wealthiest people are left handed (i.e. Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey continue to rank at the top of the richest people in the world and yes they are southpaws). A recent study revealed that lefties with college education earned 10 to 15 percent more than their right handed counterparts.

(See, that is four great reasons for being a lefty. Keep reading it gets better. It's making you feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself already, isn't it?)

5. New research suggests that left handed people often perform better than right handers at fast or difficult tasks that involve lots of information or stimuli. Lefties may be better at playing fast computer games, talking while driving in heavy traffic and flying a jet fighter - activities that need both hemispheres of the brain to process information quickly.

6. Southpaw drivers are apparently more successful at learning to drive than right handed people. As many as 57% of left handers pass their driving test first time compared with only 47% of right handers, a poll for the AA Driving School found.

7. Lefties have a tactical advantage in one-on-one competition. Studies suggests that because lefties are in the minority, right-handed opponents are not use to the way they fight, and the element of surprise gives lefties an advantage.

So there you have it, Seven Positive reasons for being Left Handed.

Left Handed Facts that should make you feel better about being part of the ten percent of the population that are in their right minds.

I hope this article makes you feel good about being left handed and all that is associated with it. There really is no reason that you sholud not be happy that you are a southpaw. These positive reasons for being left handed and the many more listed on my website makes us stand out in a crowd in a positive light.

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