Being Left Handed

 Left Handed Writing Skills
"Practice Makes Perfect"

left handed writing skills 

Left handed writing skills as I mentioned on my Home page can be challenging for teacher and student. Smeared pages, uncomfortable hand positions and inefficient writing tools can drive everyone crazy at times. However, with a little patience and a few special tools, your lefty will become proficient at the art of writing.

Left handed notebooks, fountain pens and office supplies are readily available at many office supply stores. These are all for not if the fundamentals of writing are not developed. Practice makes perfect, even in the left handed world.

Here are some very general writing tips that I developed and I think you will find helpful. In addition, I have listed below some very good publications, that I highly recommend, to refine your left handed writing skills.

Left fingers should grip the pencil 1 inch from the point.
Exercise keeping your wrist straight and below the   writing line.
Frequent practice is essential.
Tilt your paper where the top left corner and bottom right corner are straight up and down (8.5 X 11).
You can do it!

If writing left handed is still confusing to you I recommend a wonderful article, Teaching Left-hander's to Write, by M.K. Holder, PH.D. The article is very descriptive and has several great visual aids.

I am writing most of my pages on my website in a somewhat generalized content to get up and running. Interest and traffic are growing daily for this website which will allow me to devote more time, energy and information to Being Left Handed. Check back daily for new content and ideas about Left Handed Writing Skills.

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