Being Left Handed

Left Handed World Leaders

"I came, I saw, I conquered -Caesar"

left handedc world leaders

Since the beginning of time many lefties have rose to become Left Handed World Leaders. Whether through their great military strategies or their shear brilliance, they have definately made their mark before they left this planet.

Alexander The Great (356-323 BC) is the most formidable conqueror the world has ever known. During his short 32 years of life, this southpaw was king of over half the known world. Alexander's armies were never defeated and killed more than half a million soldiers and civilians. Alexander the great is considered the top military leader of all time in most publications.


Julius Caesar
(100-44 BC) another southpaw world leader is rated number two of top military leaders. He was the greatest of all Romans and was a powerful Roman military and political leader. He is one of the most influential men in world history and played an important role in the change from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.

 When people shake hands today they are following a custom established by Julius Caesar. The handshake originated to ensure that they weren't going to be punched or stabbed. But why would a left handed Roman Emporer not shake with his left hand? Caesar kept his left hand free to attack when the right hander's strong arm was busy shaking hands. Pretty smart :)


Joan of Arc
(1412-1431) left an undying legacy of left handed women by her brave deeds and became a source of pride for the nation of France. She was born to peasant farmers, and grew up to lead the French army to victory in battles during the Hundred Years’ War. After, she was captured by the English, tried for heresy, and convicted; Joan was burned at the stake. A national heroine whose name still lives on today- accomplished all these amazing feats, by age nineteen, when she was killed. Later, she was found innocent of all charges, and declared a martyr. Joan of Arc was canonized as a saint over five hundred years after her death.


Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) may have been short in stature as a lefty, but that doesn't stop him from being listed as one of the top Military leaders of all time. His military record places him as the greatest conquerer in modern history. He served as a general during the French Revolution, ruler of France as First Consul,  King of Italy, Protector of the Confederation of the Rhien and the Mediator of the Swiss Confederation.

Napoleon introduced driving on the right hand side of the road throughout Europe. It is often thought he did this because he wanted the superior defensive position for himself.


So, like them or not, these examples of Left Handed World Leaders definately left their mark upon the world. Now I didn't mention,U.S. Presidents since I have a page dedicated to them separately and you might want also to visit Left Handed Women for other great left handed female leaders. Let's face it, we are born leaders.
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