Being Left Handed

Left Handed Watch

left handed watch

I must admit, only till recently did I consider wearing a left handed watch. You would think that with all the things that smart phones do, the watch industry would be suffering. Not true. Watches, especially in the men's world, has shown an increase in demand.

Watches are more than a functioning time piece in today's society. They are a work of art to many. Vast collections of watches can be found in many men's closets. Finding a unique time piece to add to their collection is rewarding to many. A left handed watch fits into that category nicely.

What make a left handed time piece different?

Watches made for us lefties are meant to be worn on the right arm. All the buttons and dials are on the left side of the time piece so southpaws can easily adjust them. That is basically the difference. Some watches take it so far as to have the numbers reversed and rotate counterclockwise (a little to much for me).

Left handed watches can be found in a variety of brands and prices. Invicta and Welder are two name brands among many who have added southpaw watches to their collections.

As far as I review goes, any of these time pieces would work for me. You can easily pick your style and price point from a wide variety of choices. Most name brand watch makers have a good warranty and track record. I'm now a fan of these watches (remember give me your opinion in the forum) and thus give them the "Being Left Handed Seal of Approval". So, it's really up to you. What left handed watch do you want? 

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