Being Left Handed

 Left Handed Test

"Am I A True Southpaw?"

Left Handed Test

Do to the influence of the right handed world, it is sometimes a bit confusing to determine if you really are left handed. There are many different tests on handedness by various scientists and experts in the area, throughout the generations. I have included some Left Handed Test already on my website and now along with those and others, I am going to lay them out for those who wonder.
None of these tests are accurate 100 percent of the time, but if you take all of them and they point to one dominate hand, this can be a good indicator. Being a southpaw is fantastic as you can see in the information on this site.

Vase-Face Test

The above vase-face picture is used by neuroscientists to study visual perception. Look at the image, do you see the vase first or the two faces? Left brained people (righties) see the vase and right brained (lefties) tend to see the two faces.

Simple Circle Test
One simple (non scientific) test is to draw a circle with each hand. If you draw counterclockwise this is said to indicate a left handedness. Easy enough.

Edinburgh Handedness Survey

Which hand do you prefer when doing the activities listed below?

  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Throwing
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Cutting with a knife (no fork)
  • Spooning something out
  • Teeth brushing
  • Sweeping (upper hand on broom)
  • Striking a match
  • Opening a box lid

Source: Oldfield, R.C. (1971) The assessment and analysis of handedness: the Edinburgh inventory. Neuropsychologia, 9(1): 97-113.


This is an interesting web site I found that has four different tests on handedness.

1. Handedness Questionnaire

2. Hands Test

3. Line Bisection Test

4. Attentional Test

Just click on this link ( and you can take the test for free.

Pen Test

Drop a pen on the ground. Pick it up. The hand you pick the pen up with is usually your dominant hand. (This is a fun one to try on your friends without them knowing.)

Other Tests

Obviously there are many other Left Hand Test, and as I find them I will include them on this page. So check back every once in a while to take a new one. Try these out on your friends. Maybe you have a left handed friend who doesn't even know it!
            The video above is yet another Left Handed Test
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