Being Left Handed

Left Handed Sports

"Lefties have the upper hand"

Left Handed Sports 


Left Handed Sports and athletes have advantages in many fields of play. Once ignored or shuned by many, history has shown southpaws are in a "league of our own". From baseball, tennis, and even bowling, left handed athletes are dominating.

This page and subpages are dedicated to tips and examples of ways to play variouse sports. In addition, I add videos to visually show you how to better your game.

In additon, if you want to read about famous left handed athletes you can head over to the page I have dedicated to that, under left handed people. This page and subpages will be added to frequently, so check back regularly for more and more sports articles about being left handed.

Left Handed sports and athletes could dominate all areas of athletics if the right handed world doesn't look out!

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