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Left Handed Scissors

left handed scissors

Left Handed Scissors - the debate whether to use them are not is constant. There is nothing worse than picking up scissors in you left hand and they won't cut because they are right handed. Most lefties have chosen to cut right handed and be done with it. I am not one.

Being left handed myself, I was lucky enough to have a left handed first grade teacher who gave me left handed scissors. It's what I still prefer today.

Left Handed scissors by the way have the blades switched versus a right handed pair. When you cut as a southpaw you can see the path you are cutting because the blades are switched. It's kind of hard to explain, so here's a video.

As this excellent video explains left handed scissors are a good idea for us lefties and especially for left handed children as they begin to build their confidence in fine motor skills.

Here are some good choices; 

Just make sure the scissors you purchase are true left handed scissors. There are no ambidextret scissors that work, like many want you to believe. Please add your thoughts to the left handed Forum.

Left Handed Scissors gets the "Being Left Handed Seal of Approval" for usefullness and necessity.

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