Being Left Handed

Left Handed Scholarships

"Are Few And Far Between"

left handed scholarships

If you are looking for left handed scholarships on the web, read this first. Everyone and everything has an aid for higher education named after them so of course there has to be several for southpaws, right? Wrong. Aid for lefties are just not out there, but please read on.

I search constantly to find financial aid (i.e. scholarships, grants, etc.) for left handed students. One that is currently available for left handers is $1,000 offered by Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. If You want to check the school out go to

Getting Scholarships for Left-Handed People -- powered by ehow

Even though there are no Left Handed Scholarships, there are some very good scholarship and college locator websites (which I use) that are available for not only left handed people but for anyone pursuing a higher education. These sites are free or cost very little! I encourage you to sign up for all of these to increase your chances of getting a scholarships and finding the right college for you.

Student Advantage - the nation’s most widely-accepted student discount card

TIP: create a separate email account (example: to keep scholarship offers organized in one place and out of your normal email account.

Here's a clever idea I picked up along the way; Write a letter to a wealthy or famous left handed person. Explain your situation and goals, you may be able to get an non-traditional grant from them for being left handed. Someone who's been in your position knows the challenges of being a lefty and may just write you a check.

Also, don't forget athletic sholarships. It's becoming well know that left handed athletes have many advantages in many sports fields of play.

Another way to earn free money for college is to join UpromiseIt's easy to join and once you're a member you register your credit cards with them and every time you make a purchase a little goes into an account for you (Members direct their spending to Upromise partners—including more than 600 online stores, 8,000+ restaurants, thousands of grocery and drugstore items—and earn money for college.) You can even have family and friends register in your account and save even more! Over the years I have saved thousands for my children.

Need a student loan? SimpleTuition is a good student loan website to find and compare student loans from multiple lenders.

Click here to find the right student loan for you

If your child is having trouble with those college admission essays, check out this handy kit.

As a father of two college students, believe me I know we need all the resources we can get! So I encourage you to click on the above links and start your scholarship hunt now. Don't give up hope, even if there are not many Left Handed Scholarships, there's a scholarship out there waiting for you.

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