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left handed quarterbacks

 Left Handed Quarterbacks

Left Handed Quarterbacks have been in the news mainly due to the publicity of southpaw quarterback, Tim Tebow. Actually there have been several quarterbacks with a dominate left hand who have been very successful in professional football. While Tim Tebow's record is still being written, let's cover the 5 best Left Handed quarterbacks of all time;

  1. Mark Brunnell - While this name may not come to mind as one of the great quarterbacks, he defiantly made his left handed mark. He began his career as backup for Brett Farve, continued with the Jacksonville Jaquers, Washington Redskins and backup for Drew Brees for the New Orleans Saints in Supper Bowl 2009. A very productive southpaw in football.
  2. Mick Vick - Off the field Mick Vick has unfortunately had some bad personal experiences, but on the field this left hander is a leader. His rushing ability makes him a difficult quarterback to read and play against. He is always a constant threat running or throwing. His stat's are not always great but he does get the job done.
  3. Boomer Esiason - The no-huddle offence is Esiason's claim to fame. He was an exceptional quarterback in his time mainly by being a quick thinker on his feet. Esiason threw for more yards and touchdowns than any other left-handed quarterback in NFL history. This record will unfortunately not hold long as many more lefties hit the field.
  4. Ken Stabler - An oldie but goodie. Ken Stabler is most remembered as an Oakland Raider and leading them to a victory in Superbowl XI. Stabler had just under 28,000 yards and 192 career touchdown passes in his career. One of the true great quarterbacks who led the way for other southpaws to follow.
  5. Steve Young - The king of left handed quarterbacks. The first left handed quarterback inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He led the San Francisco 49ers. He retired as the highest rated passer of all time. Watch this video of some of his greatest highlights.
Left handed athletes dominate many sports. Southpaws continue to be very successful in all fields of play. The advantage of being left handed could be your ticket to a profitable sports career or perhaps just the best player on the court or team. Whatever path you choose, remember being a lefty is a great thing and a special gift.

History will probably change this list as other great left handed quarterbacks play the sport. You don't need any special equipment to play football, being left handed. No special skills are required either. Just quickness in foot, mind and a good arm. Left Handed Quarterbacks have played an important role, are playing an important role, and will play an important role in football.

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