Being Left Handed

Left Handed Presidents
"My Fellow Left Handed Americans"

 left handed predidents 

Yes, many Left Handed Presidents. My fellow Americans, five of the last eight presidents have been left handed. The newly elected 44th president, Barack Obama is yet another left handed president. People seem to favor a lefty as the most powerful man in the free world.


Gerald Ford was a left handed U.S. President after replacing Richard Nixon in 1974. Ford was born in Nebraska and grew up in Michigan. As a youth his athletic ability enabled him to go to the University of Michigan on a football scholarship.Several professional football teams tried to get him to play after college, but he declined and studied law at Yale. After Yale, Ford went into the Navy and then into politics.
Ronald Reagan was also a lefty and before politics he had a very successful acting career. His acting enabled him to give speeches that the masses loved to here. He was governor of California for two years before he began his race for presidency in 1976, It also should be noted that he changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican in 1962. He won the presidency in 1980 and was reelected for a second term in 1984. Reagan is most notably remembered for ending the Cold War.


George Bush was the forty-first President of the United States and was also Ronald Reagan's Vice President. He was born in Massachusetts and became the youngest naval aviator at the age of 18. He attended Yale University at the end of the war and moved to Texas and became a oil business millionaire by the age of 40. As President, foreign policy was his main agenda with the Berlin Wall falling in 1989 and the Soviet Union dissolving in 1991. He is also the father of the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.


Bill Clinton followed the other two lefties to be our last "Southpaw President" (until the next election). He is considered the first Baby Boomer president and despite much controversy finished two terms with the highest approval rating of 65% since World War II.


It should be noted that there have been 3 other men to serve as president, that were left handed; James Garfield (20th), Herbert Hoover (31st) and Harry Truman (33rd). When you count the newly elected President Obama in the calculation, that makes 18% of our presidents being left handed. So, if you have dreams are to join the ranks of these left handed presidents you may be as successful as these gentlemen!

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