Being Left Handed

  Left Handed People

"Making A Left Handed Mark On The World"

left handed people

Many famous left handed people have graced this earth. So many so there is an annual Left Handers Day, August 13th. Put this date on your calendar and we will celebrate together on this special day.

Left Handed People Pages:


Southpaws who have made an impact on the world have been brains, celebrities, artists, presidents, professional athletes, etc. In fact there are so many I have devoted several pages to each, provided at the end of this section.


Michelangelo, Einstein and Ben Franklin are historical left handers. Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and even Oprah are current famous lefties. Believe me, there are many more left handers out there and many more to come. (Check out Left Handed Birthdays). Its comforting to know you are in a very special class of people.


Being left handed has paid off for these people. I hope these left handed people and this information will inspire you or your lefty to make their left handed mark on the world!


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