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Left Handed Pen

left handed pen

Writing left handed can be challenging, but I have found a wonderful left handed pen that makes life easier. Stabilo created a roller ball that writes like a fountain pen ( Stabilo 'S move Easy Left Handed Blue Pen With Refills Left-handed Pen ). The pen is being noticed and praised by teachers, approved by parents and loved by kids. This is a must if you're little one is learning to write.

This ergonomic designed pen features a non-slip grip zone which allows for a comfortable relaxed hold to prevent muscle fatigue.

Product Features:

  • Designed for lefties and is refillable.
  • A screw off cap provides protection for the .5mm tip.
  • Comes in attractive two-tone colors and contains blue ink.

People are raving (including me) about this very affordable left handed pen. Here is what one mom is says about the pen;

"After much frustration with letter formation and finding the right grip for my daughter I figured there must be a pen designed for left handed children. I did not find much on the market that was economically priced, but I remembered the pens I used in school as a child - Stabilo is a famous German writing utensils company. We gave this one a try and we love it! It comes with three refills and they last a long time. It has finger guides to promote the correct grip and the ink comes out smoothly that does not smudge. The light tilt allows my daughter to see what she is writing. She loves the colors and the pen also comes with labels to write their name on it. Overall I am very happy and would recommend the pen to all southpaws." 

This easily gets the "Being Left Handed Seal of Approval". If you don't have one, you're missing out. A left handed pen that makes life easier and looks great doing it.



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