Being Left Handed

Left Handed Notebook

Left Handed Notebook

Some southpaws love and can't live without a Left Handed Notebook. Personally, I use standard notebooks and so do my left handed children. I do think it's an acquired taste and you either really like them or not. Don't get me wrong, this is a great product for many lefty's for several reasons;

  • The spiral and perforations are on the right while the holes are on the left. Very comfortable and efficient for a lefty.
  • Makes a statement in or out of class that you are "proud to be left handed".
  • The spiral does not interfere with left handed hand position.

Several people have stated that if placed in a binder the notebook cannot be used, but again many southpaws rave about them. Here is a one review;

"I was so excited to find this item. My neighbor boy is left handed and he asked me if I could please look in the store one night for a left handed notebook. I had never relized that a left handed person struggled with a spiral notebook when positioning their hand to write. I could not find one and took it on as a mission to see where they sold such a thing. So when I found them I was overjoyed. He is really enjoying them. Thanks alot, Linda". (a review from Amazon)

I have found several styles of notebook that you can choose from. Some with heavier more durable covers and some with various ruled paper widths, etc. Whatever you choose, a left handed notebook can be very functional and will be a conversation topic where ever you go.


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