Being Left Handed

Left Handed Nicknames

"Sticks and stones may break my bones ..."

left handed nicknames

We've all had left handed nicknames thrown at us at least once  or twice, maybe more. The Wikepedia says,  a nickname is sometimes considered desirable, symbolizing a form of acceptance, but can often be a form of ridicule. (I like the desirable part.) Good or bad, I decided to start a least of names people associate with being left handed. Again, please don't take offense, they are what they are, and nothing else. 

1.    Southpaw
2.    Lefty
3.    Ballock-handed
4.    Corrie-pawed
5.    Cuddy-wifter
6.    Hooker
7.    Buck-fisted
8.    Cack-handed
9.    Caggy
10.  Clicky
11.  Cow-pawed
12.  Dolly-pawed
13.  Gar-pawed
14.  Gibble-fisted
15.  Golly-handed
16.  Kay-neived
17.  Keck-fisted
18.  Keggy-handed
19.  Kerry Kittaghy
20.  Left-kelly
21.  Left-plug
22.  Scoochy
23.  Scrammy-handed
24.  Skiffle-handed
25.  Spuddy-handed
26.  Squiffy
27.  Bambino

I'm sure there are many other left handed nicknames, and if you know of any please email me with them so that I can add it to my list. Also, be creative and come up with some new ones if you like!
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