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Left Handed News about famous people or what's right or wrong with us pops up on the Internet, TV., magazines and newspapers on a regular basis. This page will inform you of current southpaw happenings as I come across them. I will link to this information and supply you with video and hard copy when available.

  • Left Handed Celebration - Southpaws have had a bad rap in the past, but I am determined to show how special we really are...

  • Lefties Earn More - Need yet another reason it's good to be left handed, lefties earn more...

  • Quick Thinking Left-handers - left-handers have a slight advantage in sports, gaming and other activities in which players face large volumes of stimuli being thrown at them simultaneously or in quick succession

  • Southpaws are Handy - at least that's what research indicates. By handy I mean we lefties have a tactical advantage in one-on-one competition

  • 5 Surprising Left Handed Facts - I am always looking out for interesting topics about us lefties so here are 5 Surprising Left Handed Facts

  • Positive Reasons For Being Left Handed - Several years ago I published an article titled, "Left Handed Facts - Seven Positive Reasons For Being Left Handed".

  • Understanding Being Left Handed - Understanding how our brains work could help us better adapt to the right handed world. 


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