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 Left Handed Musicians
"Pure Genius"

left handed musicians 

Music can raise your spirits or put a tear in your eye, and many Left Handed Musicians have been responsible for songs that have and will last forever. The right brain creativity factor comes out in lefties to produce songs that we enjoy on a daily basis. Stringed instruments are one of a few musical instruments that require special assembly and instruction for the left hand, but this has not held us back. Some of the true masters of these instruments have been left handed.

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A good lefty to start with is Ludwig van Beethoven (1170-1827). A musical genius in every sense of the word, Beethoven produced classical masterpieces. At age 27 he became deaf and still continued to compose music, sometimes with his ear on the piano to feel the vibrations. Beethoven lived a somewhat tortured life, but still created beautiful music that we will never forget.


Fast forward to the beginning of Rock and Roll and we must talk about Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970). Rolling Stone magazine rated him the greatest guitarist of all time. Growing up Hendrix had to restring guitars because there were no left handed guitars to be found. Hendrix taught himself to play. He played by ear and never learned to read music. Hendrix played at the legendary Woodstock concert in 1969 and sadly died at the age of 27 due to an overdose.


Another left handed guitar player at the time was in a group called the Beatles. Thats right (or left) Paul McCartney is a fellow southpaw. His talent and songs made him the first pop music billionaire. He has written 50 number one hits, more than any other songwriter in history. His song Yesterday has been played more times by radio stations worldwide than any other song. (The drummer for the Beatles, Ringo Starr, was also left handed). Watch this youtube of Paul playing a left handed guitar.


 As you can see from Classical to Rock and Roll, lefties have been an important part of the history of music. Pick up a left handed violin, guitar or learn to play any musical instrument. A great place to shop for musical instruments is atMusician’s Friend. If you are interested in Left Handed Electric Guitars go to The Guide To Buying Electric Guitars. Who knows you or your child could be the next great Left Handed Musician of our time. Being left handed is a gift.

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