Being Left Handed

Left handed layup

Left Handed Layup

Knowing how to perform a left handed layup is good for lefties and righties. Most basketball players go to their right and an unexpected move to the left can give you an advantage in scoring. Being left handed is right in so many ways. Don't know how to do a layup from the left side? No problem, read the following article by Matt McKinney, EHow contributor and learn how;

Coaches agree that the most effective shot in sports is the high-percentage one. And, in the realm of basketball shots, it doesn't get much easier than the layup. Shooting layups with the incorrect hand, however, is a common mistake among young players, and occasionally even skilled basketball players, who are inclined to shoot only with their dominant hand. Gaining the ability to shoot with the opposite hand will make you a more complete player, and in turn, a much tougher opponent to guard.


  • 1 Dribble the basketball toward the left hand side of the hoop using your left hand. Keep the ball close to your body to protect it from the opposing team's defenders. Take one more hard dribble before beginning your shooting motion.
  • 2 Jump off your right foot once at the basket. Raise your left knee as high as possible during the leap to promote lift. The higher you're able to get off the ground, the shorter the distance your shot will need to travel.


Watch this video on a drill to improve your left handed layup and right handed layup as well. Practice, practice, practice!


Playing left handed has many advantages, but once players figure out you're a southpaw they will favor your left side. Therefore, switching to dribbling and shouting from the right is important. If you are a lefty you must practice with your right hand constantly. A left handed layup is good to know but you must know hoe to play from both sided to be successful.

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