Being Left Handed

Left Handed Knitting
left handed knitting 

Believe it or not, Left Handed Knitting is a hot google search for lefties. Knitting left handed is not easy as I found out when I was required to knit in my seventh grade art class (lots of fun for a thirteen year old boy?). There were no left handed knitting instructions to guide me at the time.

Searching the internet and local book stores I have found some resources to help those who enjoy knitting or crochet. My grandmother loved to crochet and although not left handed, made many beautiful pieces that I cherish now that she is gone. Coupon Corner

Also, here are two websites/blogs that you might find useful to begin knitting or even if you are a seasoned knitter. Lefties are always willing to share their talents to help fellow left handed crafters.


Thanks to YouTube there are a few Left Handed Knitting and Left Handed Crochet instructions videos out there. Here are two good examples.

So, being left handed in the world of knitting or crochet may be challenging at times, but once mastered can result in beautiful pieces you can share with friends and loved ones or even make some extra cash with your craft. Go ahead and pick up some yarn and enjoy the relaxing hobby of left handed knitting.

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