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left handed guitar

Playing an instrument is a wonderful thing and learning to play the guitar, especially a left handed guitar (for us lefty's) is a cool thing. People flock to someone playing this six string instrument. Playing as a southpaw can be challenging, but with left handed guitar lessons and a left handed guitar it can be very rewarding.

Whether it be an accoustic or electric guitar, many stlyes and brands are available for us lefty's. Many years ago it was almost impossible to get a real left handed guitar, but today they are becoming more acceptable in the retail environment.

Yamaha is a leading maker of guitars and has some nice selections of instruments for southpaws. There tone and beauty set them apart from other manufacturers. A Yamaha FG720SL Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar would be a great choice for anybody. It has a natural finished top with mahogony back and sides. This is a nice guitar.

If you know anything about guitars, Fender is one that is sought out by many. This famous brand has been played by most famous left handed musicians around the world. The Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Left Handed Acoustic Guitar is another of my favorites. It's solid mahogony top is gorgeous (see picture below). Rocker Tim Armstrong's name is on this one, if thatr tells you anything. Truely a piec of art and I fine instrument to play.

Now if you want an electric left handed guitar then I suggest the Dean VX Solid Body Left Handed Electric Guitar. It has all the bells and whistles for those who want something affordable but also a nice sound. It's jet black color and popular design are a must for the future band enthusiest.

If you are just starting out and want a package deal, then the  RST BK LH Full Size Left Handed Electric Guitar Package w/ Guitar, Amp, Strap and Instructional DVD  would be a good choice. This has everything you need to begin playing.

These are my four picks of nice guitars for you to choose from. Any of these gets my "Being Left Handed Seal of Approval". A left handed guitar is a must for a southpaw musician.

Note: This is also a must have. A Left Handed Guitar Fretboard and Chord Chart Instructional Poster  

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