Being Left Handed

Left Handed Guitar Lessons

left handed guitar lessons

Left Handed Guitar Lessons are possible thanks to technology. Most lefties have chosen to play like righties because not many teach the left handed way and it seems a bit confusing when thinking about playing an instrument backwards and upside down. However, if you are determined to be unique and learn to play like a southpaw, it can be done.

Where to begin? First you must seek out a good instrument. Thanks to the Internet, this is much easier today. There are many dealers that sell left handed guitars and even some that only sell them. I recommend you call them personally and talk a bit about brands, pricing, shipping, guarantees, etc. Also, pick there brain about playing as a lefty and get all the advice you can. Most southpaw enthusiasts love to share information. Don't forget used models either. Starting out it's sometimes best to buy a used guitar before jump in on an expensive model. Save your money till you have mastered the instrument.

Okay, now you have the guitar now where to get lessons? First check local music stores and guitar teachers in your area. You may luck out and find a left handed teacher. If you don't find one, don't get upset. The beauty of the Internet will come to your rescue once again. If you do your research you can find many left handed guitar lessons. Some are various youtube videos, but there are also some structured lesson plans just for lefties. Also, if you are a do it yourselfer, you can find  instructional books and teach yourself.

Here is a seasoned left handed guitar player. Watch this video and get inspired or just enjoy his talent.

Whatever route you decide on, remember learning any new musical instrument is not easy, left handed or right handed. It takes practice practice practice. If you are determined to be a southpaw guitar player it can happen. Seek out Left Handed Guitar Lessons and you could become the next Jemi Hendrix.

Here is a great video insruction on playing the guitar left handed.  

Male or female, playing the guitar can make you very popular and people love to sit around and listen to someone play. So, if you are interested in learning to play the guitar and seek left handed guitar lessons, check locally, check the internet, and watch videos online. You will be picking and grinning before you know it.

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