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 Left Handed Golf Tips

Left Handed Golf is finally catching on with the availability of left handed clubs. No longer are the days where us southpaws have to use right handed clubs to enjoy this hobby. Most golf shops have are can get the correct equipment for beginners to advanced lefties. Learning how to play left handed is also easier with more and more lefties playing and the Internet supply articles and video to help. Antoineete Walkley published a wonderful article on tips us lefties can use.

Simple Left Handed Golf Tips By Antoinette Walkley

I have put together some effective yet very simple left handed golf tips for the leftie golfer.

The most important tip for any golfer of course applies to a left handed golfer - KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN! This can not be emphasised enough! I know it is tempting to see where the ball is going but please do NOT do it.

The next most important golf tip is to allow your body and hips to rotate fully throughout the swing.

As a leftie, you need to rotate to the right as fully as possible to power your swing, leading with the right hip with your hands following.

It is also important to lead your swing with your right hand, but finish with your left. In other words, the power of your dominant hand, along with the power of your dominant side, should combine to drive through the ball at contact.

Next tip is to try to finish your swing with such a complete follow through that you finish on the balls of your feet not flat footed. Keep practising this as it does make a difference to perfecting your swing.

Left Handed Golf is possible today, give it a try!

Left handed golfers are at a slight disadvantage on many golf courses that have dog leg holes veering left to right. To play these holes you will need to master the draw shot which for you is curving the ball to the right.

You may benefit from using one of the new golf GPS systems to get a better idea of the course layout and distances. These are proving to be a valuable aid for many golfers though not cheap.

Of course a good set of golf clubs especially designed for left handed golf players is a must. This applies to the very young left handed also.

From the age of 3 my grandson refused to swing anything except a left handed golf club and of course we have never tried to change his preference.

Antoinette is a keen golfer, married to a very good golfer and moderates the website

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As you have read, these golf tips can help you or your fellow southpaw to be a better golfer. Practice is still the best advice when wanting to do a hobby better. These left handed golf tips, when applied properly, will have you enjoying yourself on the links.

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