Being Left Handed

 Left Handed Future
"Possibilities Are Endless"

Left Handed future possibilities are endless and lie within you and hopefully within this website. Scientist has concentrated too much on why we are different and not enough on what makes us special!

left handed future

If we look back at the history of lefties we find that they have been responsible or involved in some of the most extraordinary discoveries, masterpieces and inventions of all time.

Future plans are to turn Being Left Handed into a nonprofit organization which will study, survey and analyze left handedness to better the world. You can be a part of this ground breaking evolution by becoming involved in this website. On a lighter side, my current plan is to continue to make this a fun and informative website for you to enjoy on a daily basis.

Email me with your thoughts and signup for my forum and newsletter. Tell all your left handed friends about this site (the more the merrier)!

New scientific discoveries, green earth solutions and future space travel could only be a left handed reach away. The left handed future is coming!

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