Being Left Handed

 Left Handed Facts

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Left Handed Facts

Left Handed Facts are spread all over the internet, in books and various other publications. I try to bring them all together on this website for your enjoyment and education. There is a young lady on youtube named Rachel who has put together three fun videos about being left handed and I thought I would share.  
YouTube videos have become an excellent tool to show how to do things as a lefty. More videos are popping up every day about us. You might consider creating your own, and who knows maybe it will become a part of my website.  
My website is full of various videos of southpaw people, how to' s and many other things related to people in their right minds. Feel free to explore and learn more about being left handed. 
Left Handed Facts help us lefties understand more about how we tick and why in some ways we are different from right handed people. Like it or not we are different, but by learning more about ourselves we can use this to our advantage.
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