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 Left Handed Children

 left handed children

Raising left handed children in a right handed world is not difficult. You will need to make choices at times as to instructions to give and products to buy. Sometimes right handed items are okay while at other times you must search for the appropriate left handed instruction or item. Technology has made many resources available to aid in raising children who are left handed, so I encourage you to search them out and use them to raise a well balanced left handed child.

The odds of having a left handed child are 50/50 if both parents are left handed and about 25% when only one parent is a lefty. When both parents are right handed your odds drop to well under 10%. These are only statistics and sometimes they do not always hold true, but they are a good rule of thumb to go by.

You will usually know if your child is left or right by age 3 to 6. Let them experiment with both hands and they will let you know which hand is their dominate hand. (Males are 1½ times more likely being left handed than females.)

Testing for left handedness can go from simple to complex, depending on how many doctors you ask.

One simple (non scientific) test is to have your child draw a circle with each hand. If they draw counterclockwise this is said to indicate a left handedness.

Another test is the Edinburgh Handedness Survey:

Which hand do you prefer when using these everyday items?

  • Writing
  • Drawing 
  • Throwing 
  • Cutting with scissors 
  • Cutting with a knife (no fork) 
  • Spooning something out 
  • Teeth brushing 
  • Sweeping (upper hand on broom) 
  • Striking a match 
  • Opening a box lid

Source: Oldfield, R.C. (1971) The assessment and analysis of handedness: the Edinburgh inventory. Neuropsychologia, 9(1): 97-113.

Check out the Left Handed Test page which has more testing procedures to determine your dominate hand. They are very helpful and some right handed people may even find out they are left handed. Four out of my 5 family members are left handed (including me) and we have learned to function in the right handed world without much difficulty.

If you have a left handed child, you have an awesome gift! DO NOT try to switch them to being right handed. There are plenty of resources (including this website) to assist you in raising happy & healthy left handed children.

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