Being Left Handed

Left Handed Brain

" Lefties are the Only Ones In Their Right Minds"

If you have a Left Handed Brain, research suggest that you predominantly use the right side of your brain. Which means we process things differently than right handers. Is this good or bad?

A colorful illustration in wired magazine shows what it's like to be left or right brained. A left brained person is more analytical while us right brained people (lefties) tend to be more creative thinkers. The Nintendo DS has a game entitled, " Left Brain, Right Brain" which you can use to train yourself to use both sides of your brain.

left handed brain

If this is true, left handers are more inclined to go into the arts, music or anything that requires us to use our imagination. Some current theories say we will soon move from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age as described in an article by Daniel H. Pink, Revenge of the Right Brain. This basically says that  the outsourcing of routine analytical jobs will continue and companies will rely more heavily on creative and imaginative people to sell their products or services. Good for us southpaws.

In my own personal experience I remember when I first got out of college I had a job as a Financial Analyst in a major retail store chain. My main responsibility was to budget/forecast the balance sheet for the upcoming year (boring). Anytime any changes were made I would manually create a new balance sheet which would take from three to four hours (depending on the changes). One weekend I went into work and began playing around with a new machine called a personal computer we had that had not been used. With it and a software package called Lotus, I was able to completely automate the balance sheet revision process. On Monday morning when upper management came out with some changes I was able to return a revised balance sheet in under 30 minutes. Within six months there was a PC on every desk and I was head of the Financial Planning Department. A few years later I was a Chief Financial Officer, not because of my analytical abilities but because of my ability to thing outside the box.

The Left handed Brain could have an advantage in the upcoming future of the world. If this is true not only can we rule the world but we can also help the less fortunate right handers (Ha! Ha!) Being left handed is awesome!  
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