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There is a new left handed book, by Rik Smits, that explores the mysteries of being left handed entitled, " The Puzzle of Left-handedness". In an article by Cari Nierenberg (MSN) she states, "We know for certain that genetics is involved in left-handedness, since it runs in families" says Smits, who is left-handed and a science writer in the Netherlands. Cari further says in her article that "A left-handed parent is twice as likely to have a left-handed child, and two left-handed parents are three to four times as likely to have a southpaw son or daughter.

Smits presents an interesting theory of his own: Left-handedness is a side effect of identical twinning.

He explains his ideas this way: When the embryos split at an early stage in the pregnancy -- around the first week -- this division would result in identical twins. And twinning may give rise to minor mirror-imaging effects, including left-handedness. But Smits suggests that most embryo splits don't always result in two viable fetuses, and the process often goes wrong. He proposes that perhaps a left-handed fetus survives and is born while the "clandestine" twin, the rightie, is lost early in the pregnancy, before would-be parents know of its existence."

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Being left handed myself I am always fascinated about any new theries or clues about the mysteries of being a southpaw. I hope my website helps unlock some of these mysteries and clear up the fact that we are special in many ways, but I am always excited to find a new read about left handed mystic.

I for one will be giving this book a read and if you will too please give me some feedback. " The Puzzle of Left-handedness" is yet another lefty book that helps us lefties understand why we should be proud of our handedness. Pick up this left handed book today.

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