Being Left Handed

Left Handed Athletes
"Are Sought After"

 Left Handed Athletes

Left handed athletes have had very rewarding careers. Right handers tend to get very frustrated when dealing with southpaws and this can be used to our advantage. We throw and hit balls differently and actually sometimes think differently during a game

Left handed baseball players are some of the most sought after athletes. A good left handed pitcher like Hall Of Famer Randy Johnson is gold to a team. A left handed first baseman is also a big plus and a left handed batter like  Babe Ruth doesn't hurt the team either. When I was growing up it was always hard to find a left handed baseball glove but thanks to ecommerce a nice mitt is only a few clicks away.


Three legendary left handed tennis stars that once dominated the courts were  Martina Navratilova, Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. Right handed athletes have difficulty handling serves and returns from southpaws because the ball spins and moves differently. This video clip is one of several legendary matches between Connors and McEnroe. Between them they have 25 Grand Slam Championships (singles and doubles).



The ever popular world of golf has not seen that many lefties. This is probably because lefties choose to play right handed. Most find leading from the left side and using their left eye easier for them. Also, until the introduction of the internet left handed clubs were also extremely hard to find. Mike Weir won the US Masters playing left handed ever though he is right handed (go figure). Below is a nice video clip of left handed golf instruction you might find useful.


Only 15 percent of professional bowlers are left handed, but they collect 60 percent of all the earnings! This isn’t to shabby considering the top bowlers earn around $250,000 a year. Left Handed bowlers strike down the competition (ha! ha!:)



Whatever sports you choose to play remember that left handed athletes have been successful and sometimes dominating in various sports. Another of the many reasons that being left handed is truly a gift. Enjoy!

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