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Left Handed Artists
 "Making An Impression On The World"

left handed artists 

The long list of left handed artists who have produced some of the world’s most magnificent art is nothing short of phenomenal. For decades, we have been told that left handed people show an active dominance for the right side of the brain. This is said to be associated with genius, creativity, and visual skill. Scientific studies have yet to determine the reason that lefties are more artistic. With one look at the masterpieces drawn by left handers throughout history, it is there in black and white, left-handedness is more likely to create geniuses.

Leonardo Da Vinci

There is no denying that Leonardo was a true genius. Most people know that he wrote backwards. There are several theories as to why. One explanation is to avoid smudges on the paper. He used mirror writing, starting from the right and moving to the left. This created the simplest solution for a left handed artist. Leonardo wrote in a special kind of shorthand that he invented himself. The most famous of his artworks was, the Mona Lisa. This mysterious portrait took him three years to complete, and he took it with him everywhere he went for the rest of his life.




Michelangelo was an extraordinary talented artist. He was ambidextrous; to be truly indifferent of a preference for either hand is extremely rare. To paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is a remarkable undertaking, where I suppose it came in handy to have two working hands! Did you ever notice, in the Sistine Chapel painting, Michelangelo painted Adam left handed? 



Raphael is the third in the Italian trio of left handed artists and great masters. He is best known for his Madonna paintings. Have you realized most left-handers draw figures facing to the right? He was much loved and adored and would have possibly outshined his contemporaries if he had lived longer. He died at age 37.



Rembrandt is one of the most productive artists that ever lived. Over two thousand of his artworks survive. It is possible that still other paintings will come to light in the future. Isn’t it interesting that most of the great left handed artists are known by only their first name?

 Try This At Home

This is an art sketching exercise for left handed artists to enjoy even if you think you cannot draw very well.

When we sketch, we tend to draw images of what our brain has memorized them to look like. For example, people usually draw apples in the shape their mind remembers apples. No matter what the bowl of apples looks like that are sitting right in front of them.

Take a picture of a person or any image you would like to draw and turn it upside down.

Start sketching on a drawing pad, the upside down object and do not turn the picture right side up until you are finished.

Your sketched picture will be upside down as well, exactly the way you see the subject you are tracing.

When the sketch is completed, turn the paper right side up and you will be surprised at what you discover.

The key to becoming successful in whatever you choose is to practice. You could be included in the next greatest list of left handed artists.Being left handed is a daily inspiring journey.


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