Being Left Handed

 Left Handed American Idol

left handed american idol

As I watched my two teenage daughters scream when David Archuleta sang on Idol, I suddenly noticed that he and David Cook were both signing autographs with their left hand.  Your next American idol will be a lefty!

David Cook won by 12 million votes to become the first Left Handed American Idol.

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David Archuleta is a seventeen year old singer from Murray, Utah..He is was odds on favorite to win, but he didn't (Much to the heartbreak of my daughters!) On  Tuesday (May 6, 2008) he did a very good job of singing "Stand By Me," which you can see below.


David Cook  hails from Blue Springs, Missouri and is a 25 year old rocker. He nailed his last songs in the finally to clinch the American Idol championship. He sang a memorable version of "Billie Jean " on an earlier show as presented here.

Being Left Handed may not be an advantage for these two, but since they  use the creative side of their brain more than the right handed contestants, perhaps they do have an edge. Stay tuned to your television to see if more future contestants become Left Handed American Idols.
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