Being Left Handed


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Left Handed Women
"I Am Woman Hear Me Roar"

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All the intelligent and creative left handed women in the world share a common bond with today’s famous personalities, and backwards in time to historic figures of the past. What connects these wonderful women besides their intelligence and creativity; is they are all lefties!

Oprah Winfrey (top left) takes first place of left handed women for the ability to take her talent as a news anchor to being one of the richest and most recognizable television hosts on the planet. Besides hosting an award winning talk show, she influences millions to read with her book club, and publishes her own magazine. Oprah went from an impoverished background to becoming a millionaire by age 32. Among her many charitable donations, she funded 40 million dollars for a girl’s school in South Africa.   

Helen Keller (top right) learned to cope with many disadvantages during her inspirational life. Helen was struck down by an illness before she was two years old, which resulted in permanent deafness and blindness. By age seven, Keller created a sign language to use in communication with her family. She became the first deaf and blind college graduate. Keller’s story is a testament of determination in not letting any obstacles stand in your way to having a rewarding and fulfilling life. She is written down in the history of left handed women as a champion campaigner for the rights of workers, women’s suffrage, and other progressive causes.

Marie Curie (bottom left) was the first woman ever to be awarded a Nobel Prize. She was also the first person to win two Nobel Prizes- one for physics and the other in chemistry. Working alongside her husband who was also a prize-winning scientist, she co-founded the Curie Institutes in France and Poland.  Madame Curie’s lifetime achievements include creating the theory of radioactivity, techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes in the world‘s first studies into cancer treatment, and discovering the elements, radium and polonium. Not only does Marie Curie stand out in remarkable left handed women but she also made great scientific strides for mankind in a field dominated by men. 

Queen Victoria (bottom center) took the throne as Queen of England when she was eighteen years old. Popularity for the Crown at that time was very low, but Victoria’s youth and winning personality endeared her to the public. In fact, she was so popular, there is a whole era named in her honor, called the Victorian Age. If left handed women can reach these heights of greatness, you do not want to be right! Aside from her duties as Queen, she spoke five languages, and was the Mother of nine children. Queen Victoria reigned for 63 years, outliving three of her children, and eleven grandchildren. Long live the Queen! 

Joan of Arc (bottom right) left an undying legacy of left handed women by her brave deeds and became a source of pride for the nation of France. She was born to peasant farmers, and grew up to lead the French army to victory in battles during the Hundred Years’ War. After, she was captured by the English, tried for heresy, and convicted; Joan was burned at the stake. A national heroine whose name still lives on today- accomplished all these amazing feats, by age nineteen, when she was killed. Later, she was found innocent of all charges, and declared a martyr. Joan of Arc was canonized as a saint over five hundred years after her death. 

Our look at left handed women would not be complete, without including you!  Now it is your time to shine and be an inspiration for others. Show everyone the uniqueness of being left handed is only one of your special gifts. Left handedness does not hold you back; it gives you a hand up in achieving your goals. 






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