Being Left Handed

How To Become Left Handed

How to become left handed? Being left handed in my opinion is a special gift. If you are a fellow right handed person and long to be a southpaw like the best of us, then here is some ways to change you over to the Left side.

Yes, it is a proven fact that you can train yourself to use your nondominant hand. (In the early years many lefties were descuraged from using their left hand. The would tie their left hand behind their backs or hit them if they used it.)

The best way to becoming left handed is practice. You must consistantly use your left hand for everything you do; writing, throwing, etc.


So if you are interested in becoming a left-hander, you basically have to practice doing everything you do with it. Once you do things with it, you will find it possible to start even writing with that hand. Practice writing this sentence, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". It has all the letters of the alphabet to provide you with the right practice while writing.

Believe it or not juggling has been proven to help people in using their left hand. This helps to develop strength and coordination in your left hand. Again, practice, practice, practice.

Don't forget little things like brushing your teath can help you develop your lefthandedness. Anything you do right handed can be done left handed. 

The advantages of being left handed are presented in this website. Many famous and influentual people are and have been southpaws. By switching you should become more creative (using the right side of your brain). How to become left handed will take time, patience and practice.


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