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Russell Cope - About Me 

I grew up being left handed in a small town in Oklahoma which meant I was the only left handed child in just about every class in school. My left hand never held me back from playing all sports, guitar, or participating in the fine arts. If anything, I always thought it was a special gift from God (and still do).

After college I became the director of financial planning for three large corporations and a CFO for another. Some research says lefties are not good at math, but I proved that theory to be false.

At the end of my first career outside of the home, I met my wonderful wife and moved to Texas.

Once we started having a family we decided one parent should stay home to care for our children. God picked me and for the past 20 years I have loved every minute of it (okay not every minute, but most of them).

During this time, I have developed my skills at raising three left handed children (all of my children are left-handed!) Since I am left handed, it was a bit easier teaching them to write, throw a ball, play an instrument, etc. However, I have learned a lot from them myself.

I never really think about being a lefty in a right handed world, I just try to be the best ME possible!

I mainly concentrate on raising happy and healthy children in this crazy world we live in.

So, I created this site to share with you my tips and insights on being left handed and hope that together we can make it a better world not just for lefties but for all involved.

Best Wishes,

Russell Cope

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