Being Left Handed

Being Left Handed

Being Left Handed

Welcome to the #1 site for anything related to Being Left Handed. This site contains interesting left-handed facts, instructions, youtube videos, products and links that pertain to the fascinating world of lefties. 
I'm proud to be left handed and that's what this site is all about. This is an informative feel good web site for the roughly 10% of the population that are in their right minds.

Growing up left handed, I will admit, I had some obstacles, but I figured out how to overcome them. All the tips I have learned and research I've done through the years are being poured into this site for you. I have come to conclude that being a lefty is special.

Learning how to write left-handed can be challenging, but if you learn a few simple techniques, it too can be easy. I was lucky enough to have a left handed teacher who taught me correctly and I'll teach you too.

Having A Left Handed Child Is Great!

Left-Handed Children

Believe it or not I have three! Left handed children create above average refrigerator art and athletic southpaws are sought after in many sports. I have valuable insights included in my website to help parents of left handed children.

Many famous left handed people have contributed to better our world through the years. Their accomplishments will make you embrase the fact that you too are special.

So hang on (with your left hand of course) and enjoy my informative and somewhat witty website. This is a continual work-in-progress and with your help we'll have fun and learn from each other along the way. If you want to read anything negative about left handed people go somewhere else. Having a  dominate left hand  and all that goes with it its great! 

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Left Handed News

Left Handed News

Left Handed News is only a few clicks away thanks to the internet. We try to keep this section up-to-date so check back often for lefties in the news.

left-Handed CelebrationLeft Handed Celebration - Southpaws have had a bad rap in the past, but I am determined to show how special we really are. Here is a publication in the publication American Pride Magazine where I was featured. 

Lefties Earn MoreLefties Earn More - Need yet another reason it's good to be left handed, lefties earn more. Proven facts that may help you bring in the dough.

Quick Thinking Left-HandersQuick Thinking Left-handers - Left-handers have a slight advantage in sports, gaming and other activities in which players face large volumes of stimuli being thrown at them simultaneously or in quick succession

Southpaws are HandySouthpaws are Handy - at least that's what research indicates. By handy I mean we lefties have a tactical advantage in one-on-one competition.

5 Surprising Left Handed Facts5 Surprising Left Handed Facts - I am always looking out for interesting topics about us lefties so here are 5 Surprising Left Handed Facts that are interesting and you may not know.

Positive Reasons for Being Left HandedPositive Reasons For Being Left Handed - Several years ago I published an article titled, "Left Handed Facts - Seven Positive Reasons For Being Left Handed". Read and be inspired.

Understaning Being Left HandedUnderstanding Being Left Handed - Understanding how our brains work could help us better adapt to the right handed world. Being Left Handed rocks.

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